This is


A place where you can list your items for sale, for a one time membership fee of $5, and never be charged again. Post as much as you want while reaching a large audience of like minded people. The $5 one time fee helps weed out bots, spam, and the types of people that offer 50% of your asking price.

Ok, that’s sweet enough, but there’s more to it.
It’s important there’s a place for people like us to come together. A place that isn’t scrutinizing its users for posting things that trigger the better part of society in the current climate. The truth is, we know the 2A community is one of the best out there, and understands the importance of having the correct gear and training to be the protectors we strive to be. Unfortunately, we live in times where posting a gun or tactical gear for sale sends the keyboard warriors at big tech into a shadowban/account suspension frenzy.

So, welcome to Geardorks. We love gear, guns, and everything related. We deserve a space where we can find other like minded people to buy and sell, chat, learn, and grow with. A place you won’t be judged for loving guns, gear, and the second amendment.

So, the more to it part…
Our paid memberships unlock different benefits to the site, like use of the forums, discounts on merch, the chance to win awesome monthly giveaways, and more. Click here to view our memberships page to learn more. You can also see what we’ve given away in month’s prior by clicking here. Our policy is to give away seriously cool shit, because giving back to our paid users, selfishly, is really fun. Hard to beat the feeling of telling someone they won something badass.

You’ll wear our merch with pride, because it’s designed and made in America. High quality, comfy, and fairly priced. Want to really impress people at the local range? Forget pulling that Hi-Point 9mm out of your case. Show up in Geardorks merch.

In essence, we created Geardorks to be a one stop hangout spot for finding that next gear pickup, the finishing pieces to your kit, get help and chat with others on the forums, or just sit and infinite scroll drooling and wishing. And of course, maybe getting that email that you won the Staccato that month (please God).

Welcome to Geardorks, we hope you stick around and have some fun.