Arbor Arms Combat Wombat & Cummerbund Suite $100

FFL Required
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This is a suite to fully upgrade your plate carrier. Consisting of elastic cummerbund, side plate pouches, front placard, and radio platform (optional, only works with Arbor Arms radio harnesses). Combat Wombat: modular, with three mag capacity and plastic inserts for added retention (removable). Each mag cell has bungee retention with S&S precision pull tabs and cord locks to adjust height of bungees. Additionally, there is a document pouch with zipper opening. The mag cells and document pouch can be swapped to place one in front of the other, or one can be removed entirely. A second mag insert can be used to increase the mag count as well. PALS laser cut on the outside to mount additional pouches. Note: some rust spots are present from shotgun holders that were mounted on this placard. This is a lightly used item. Cummerbund: woven elastic with vertical supports to add rigidity, and sectioned out into rows and columns of MOLLE for adding pouches inside and outside the cummerbund. FS Tube on the left side and TacTik buckle on the right side. The cummerbund can also clip directly into the placard for added retention and snug fit of the carrier. Each cummerbund comes with a side plate pocket for 6”x6” plates. The cummerbund attaches to plate carrier via the included adapter to Velcro, or can be tied in JPC style if your carrier does not have Velcro for cummerbund attachment in the back.

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