WOT AR15 Trigger

Brand new, never been installed. Has only been opened to take the picture. I bought it recently and decided to go a different route with a build. Have all payment methods as well

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Kershaw Knife

Made in Ch*na. For that reason, you can have it for the cost of shipping. (Super Super Cheap) I may even throw in a surprise.

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- BLK IPHONE 13 PRO MAX IMPCT PHONE CASE ($65.00 - new) - IMPCT GRIP KIT ($15.00 - new) - Two tempered glass screen protectors and camera lens protectors ($15.00 - new)

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Pistol Case

Brand new

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Magpul Gen 2 magpuls

Literal magpuls from, you guessed it, Magpul. All three for $12. (that's shipping included because I love you)

$12 SOLD
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Arbor Arms Radio Suite

2x radio harness: each harness is adjustable to hold as small as baofeng or as tall as Harris PRC163. 1x free fall retention kit: as named by the manufacturer, the MFF retention kit is simply a strap with a side release buckle, adjustable, to secure the radio in the harness. Standard radio harness has a bungee tab that can be pulled over the radio. 1x wing mount: places the radio off to the side of the plate bag. The platform is reversible and can be mounted on left or right side. The radio harness is secured to the platform via hook & pile. 1x MOLLE platform: similar to the wing platform, albeit MOLLE mount for placing inside a cummerbund. Price is for the full suite of pouches listed above, and will only be sold as a suite. This provides the option to run dual comms on one carrier or set up two different load bearing platforms. These are meant to carry your radio(s) under the cummerbund, using that as added retention.

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Elastic cummerbund, coyote

Elastic cummerbund for plate carriers with hook & loop attachment (front and rear). Each cummerbund has elastic slots capable of holding one AR style rifle mag (or item of similar dimensions).

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Flimmur Tactical Garmin wrist GPS mount

This is a mount for Garmin 401, 601, and the like. Allows for the Garmin wrist GPS to be mounted to your kit instead. Occupies 2 columns x 2 rows of MOLLE real estate. Will stay in place in the stored or opened positions even if running or jumping.

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